tools for ontology


It might be said, similarly to many other roles and activities, that an ontology engineer is only as good as his/her tool, but what are the tools for ontology engineering and how good are they?

The OntoCommons Workshop on Tools for Ontology Engineering is an opportunity to discuss among ontology engineering experts, practitioners, tool builders and users about the state of the ontology engineering toolkit in 2021.

The event aims to cover the whole ontology lifecycle, from requirement gathering to ontology use through:

  • a mix of presentations by diverse members of the ontology engineering community;
  • discussions to understand which tools contribute to which parts of the ontology lifecycle and what is currently lacking.

These presentations and discussions will be used as input to a report from the OntoCommons project on the state of ontology engineering tools in 2021. 



10:00am Introduction (Mathieu d'Aquin on behalf of OntoCommons)
10:20am Presentation Session 1: Resources and Use Cases for Ontology Engineering
12:00pm Lunch break
01:00pm Presentation Session 2: The process of ontology engineering and the tools that support it
03:00pm Panel on the suitability of current tools for ontology engineering: Is there a standard approach? Are we missing something? Are the tools good enough?