Project deliverable

OntoCommons D5.3 - Report on selection and specification of further cases

Published on: 28 Apr 2022

Umutcan Simsek; Anna Fensel

The OntoCommons project aims to provide a an ecosystem of reference Top- Middle- and Domain ontologies and their alignments, as well as best practices and guidelines for ontology and tool development. The demonstrators are a cornerstone of these activities .. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D4.3 - Report on Landscape Analysis of Ontology Engineering Tools

Published on: 20 Apr 2022

Martin G. Skjæveland; Laura Ann Slaughter; Christian Kindermann

This report provides a landscape analysis of software systems for ontology engineering. We collect software systems that are said to be used in practice and compile them in an index providing information about their homepage, documentation, and ot.. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D3.2 - Report on existing domain ontologies in

Published on: 09 Mar 2022

Yann Le Franc

OntoCommons aims at defining a semantic interoperability framework to support the documentation of industrial data with ontologies. This document summarises the landscape analysis on domain ontologies. The scope of this analysis covers the domains.. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D3.3 - Report on populated domain ontology registry

Published on: 02 Mar 2022

María Poveda-Villalón

This document presents the “OntoCommons ontology catalogue” and how it is populated with ontology metadata. In this deliverable, an overview of the generated portal is included. It should be noted that this report is a short presentation of the .. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D4.4 - Report on OntoCommons ontology registry infrastructure

Published on: 04 Feb 2022

María Poveda-Villalón

This document describes the workflow followed to generate the “Report on OntoCommons ontology catalogue” and the technological infrastructure developed and deployed to support the creation of this catalogue. In this deliverable, some p.. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D2.2 - TLOMLO Landscape Analysis Report

Published on: 12 Jan 2022

Laura Ann Slaughter; Jens Otten

This report summarizes the existing Top-Level Ontologies (TLOs) and Mid-Level Ontologies (MLOs) used in the NMBP work programme domains of interest. The report expands what is known about the TLOs and MLOs presented in the “Top-Level and Mid.. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D3.9 - Report on the first focused workshop on domain ontologies

Published on: 03 Aug 2021

Silvia Chiacchiera

The focused workshop was entitled “Domain Ontologies for Research Data Management in Industry Commons of Materials and Manufacturing” (DORIC-MM 2021) and was constituted of two main parts: a preparatory half-day event (kick-off) on the.. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D4.1 - Ontology Ecosystem Specification

Published on: 07 Jun 2021

Mathieu d'Aquin

This document reports on the first focused workshop aimed at the definition, extent, characteristics and components of an ontology ecosystem toolkit. We first provide an overview of the ontology engineering and use process, as context for the anal.. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons D5.1 - Report on requirements on ontology tools and ontologies and criteria for selection of further cases

Published on: 30 May 2021

Anna Fensel; Umutcan Simsek

This report provides requirements on ontology tools and ontologies and criteria for selection of further cases. Specifically, we describe the state of the art of the initial demonstrators, addressing the relevant to the project needs, state of the affairs i.. Read more

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Project deliverable

OntoCommons Use Case Demonstrator Analysis Survey

Published on: 18 May 2021

Ana Teresa Correia; Rebecca Siafaka; Dragan Stokic; Janne Haack; Christian Weck; Anna Fensel; Umutcan Şimşek

The survey sent to the OntoCommons initial demonstrators in order to specify their use cases and requirements regarding ontologies and tools.

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