Data sharing within and across domains can offer enormous opportunities for innovation and for overcoming various bottlenecks in industry.

  • It can help organisations to achieve the general objectives of both green and digital transition
  • but also more specifically, it can help to improve resilience and bring safe and sustainable materials and products to market more quickly.

However, capitalising on the unprecedented opportunities for innovation based on sharing of common assets requires a structured, systemic approach, that requires an Industry Commons ecosystem based on horizontal enablers.

To achieve that, one approach is that of ontology-driven harmonisation of data documentation, supporting data sharing across application domains.

What is the OntoCommons Roadmap?

OntoCommons aims to the implementation and widespread uptake of an Ontology Commons Ecosystem as an important pillar of the Industry Commons ecosystem. The first OntoCommons Roadmap, released in April 2022 and freely downloadable here, considers Needs, State of the Art, Gaps, Definition of Success and Recommended Actions for a number of topics contributing to an Ontology Commons Ecosystem for ontology-based data documentation grouped into:

  • Ontology Foundations: Top Reference, Middle, Domain and Application Levels 
  • Integrated Development Environment (Tools) and Infrastructures
  • Industrial Impact including Marketplaces, Standardisation, Education and Human Resources

Before releasing the document, the OntoCommons consortium gathered feedback from its External Advisory Board members and the industrial community, through a series of focused workshop, a Global Workshop, and a set of collaborative Focus Areas.

A series of questionnaires to shape the future of industrial interoperability.

With the release of the second iteration of the OntoCommons Roadmap approaching, the OntoCommons consortium aims to gather new strategic insights building on the results of the first version.

These will converge into a set of interactive discussions at the Second Global Workshop (Oslo, 13-16 June 2023), and alltogether will shape the 2nd OntoCommons Roadmap release.

With this objective in mind, we have designed a series of questionnaires, which ontologists, engineers, innovators, and all industrial players interested in data documentation for industry commons can contribute to.

If you would like to contribute to one (or more) area(s) of the Roadmap, scroll down the page and click on the related links. Thanks in advance for your support!


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Ontology Commons EcoSystem Toolkit

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Knowledge Management Translator for Industry Commons

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