The primary and most visible output of the OntoCommons Project is the Ontology Commons EcoSystem (OCES),a flexible and universal ontological tool support that is aligned with primary ontological processes rather than constrained to any one category of systems and tools for ontology construction.
In simple terms, OCES is a set of completely harmonised ontological artefacts, as well as associated tools and processes for building on current and developing new ontologies. As a result, the complementary components of OCES provide a comprehensive solution for data documenting in the disciplines of Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, and Biotechnology (NMBP).
On this page, you can discover the tools orchestrated to fit the needs to fit the needs of the most recent ontology development issues. These tools, carefully selected, provide support in the development, management, and documentation of ontologies.
These tools are ready to be utilised with ontologies that conform to the requirements set out by OCES.