Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem

About DOME4.0

The Digital Open Marketplace Ecosystem (DOME) 4.0 aims at developing a comprehensive industrial data ecosystem aligned with the Open Science and Open Innovation objectives to enable sharing of business-to-business (B2B) data for the purpose of value generation and creation of new or enhanced products, processes, and services.


Collaboration with OntoCommons

OntoCommons and DOME4.0 are organising regular cooperation meeting in order to exchange knowledge in the open science field. 

In particular, DOME 4.0 is going to collaborate with OntoCommons by:

  • Participating in workshops and webinars to present UCs
  • Preparing an overview of ontologies to share with OntoCommons

The expected collaborations from OntoCommons with DOME 4.0 are:

  • Feedback on DOME 4.0 ontologies
  • Transfer of documents/ontologies/expertise
  • Alignment on the landscape of ontologies in both projects

Moreover, DOME4.0 representatives have been invited as external speakers to the OntoCommons workshop "Industry Commons Marketplaces" on 29 April 2021, during which the main objectives of the project has been shared.