Objectives of this Focus Area
  • Identify gaps and challenges in the development of ontologies and their use.
  • Provide specifications and guidelines for ontology development, maintenance, and usage for documenting data. 
  • Create the Ontology Commons EcoSystem (OCES), a toolkit for the development, management and documentation of ontologies adapted to meet current ontologies development challenges.
  • Create the OntoCommons ontology registry infrastructure: An online platform that catalogues domain-relevant ontologies.
Reasons to join this Focus area
  • Discover how to use the OCES to support the integration of ontologies into your operations. 
  • Create or consult the Focus Area posts and repository files to contribute to optimising, evolving methodologies for manufacturing and services, and creating methods for innovation within your industrial systems.
  • Contribute to and consult the OntoCommons ontology registry infrastructure: an online platform that catalogues domain-relevant ontologies.
  • Contribute to various landscape analysis that will contribute to tailor the OCES to the needs of your community.
  • Network with experts in your field.


Focus Area contact:

John Breslin (National University of Ireland Galway) - john.breslin[at]nuigalway.ie
Lan Yang (National University of Ireland Galway) - lan.yang[at]nuigalway.ie 


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Help shaping the future of the OntoCommons Roadmap by filling in our survey

by r.giuffrida

Dear all,

With the release of the second iteration of the OntoCommons Roadmap approaching, the OntoCommons consortium aims to gather new strategic insights building on the results of the first version.