OntoCommons.eu: An industrial ontology journey stopping at Standardisation, FAIR Data & Innovation


The people behind the OntoCommons project will introduce themselves and the project at an online webinar "OntoCommons.eu: An industrial ontology journey exploring the benefits of Standardisation, FAIR Data & Innovation" to be held on 23 February 2021 at 3pm.

Ontologists, industrial stakeholders, implementers, and end users should participate to learn more about: 

  • The Ontology Commons EcoSystem (OCES)
  • The roles played by the Top Reference Ontologies, Industrial Domains and FAIR Ontologies
  • Standardisation in the ontology ecosytem
  • Our plans to grow the OntoCommons Community through engagement with key Focus Areas





Time Title Speaker
3:00pm – 3:05pm Welcome & Introduction (download the presentation) Cristina Mancarella, Research Analyst at Trust-IT Services
3:05pm – 3:15pm OntoCommons.eu  - “Building an OCES Aims & Vision” (download the presentation) Nadja Adamovic, Senior Scientist at TU Wien & OntoCommons Project Coordinator
3:15pm – 3:25pm How OntoCommons builds on existing solutions in a Global setting (download the presentation) Hedi Karray, Professor at ENIT & OntoCommons Technical Coordinator and Silvana Muscella, CEO and founder at Trust-IT Services
3:25pm – 3:35pm Building the OntoCommons.eu Community & its Focus Groups (download the presentation) Gerhard Goldbeck,  Founder and CEO at Goldbeck Consulting Ltd
3:35pm – 3:45pm FAIR Ontologies (download the presentation) Yann Le Franc, CEO & Scientific director of e-Science Data Factory
3:45pm – 4:00pm Innovation in Ontocommons.eu to create an Industry Commons (download the presentation) Michela Magas, Chair of the Industry Commons Foundation 
4:00pm – 4:10pm Q&A Cristina Mancarella, Research Analyst at Trust-IT Services
4:10pm – 4:15pm Wrap-up and Join the Community Cristina Mancarella, Research Analyst at Trust-IT Services








About the Speakers

Nadja Adamovic, Senior Scientist at TU Wien & OntoCommons Project Coordinator

Nadja Adamovic is a Senior Scientist at TU Wien, Austria. She coordinates the EU Project OntoCommons that lays the foundation for interoperable and standardised data documentation across all materials and manufacturing domains, thereby facilitating data sharing and pushing data-driven innovation. She is the President of European Materials Modelling Council, with the role to increase the industrial digitalisation and exploitation of material modelling in Europe.

Hedi Karray, Professor at ENIT & OntoCommons Technical Coordinator

Hedi Karray is an Associate Professor on Informatics at the National School of engineers at Tarbes (ENIT), Senior Research leader at the Production Engineering Laboratory of  ENIT and senior associated scientist at the National Centre for Ontological Research (NCOR). He is IEEE Senior member and technical committee member of several international research groups such as IEEE SMC, IFAC 5.3, IFAC 5.4, InteropVlab and Industrial Ontologies Foundry. He is the technical manager of OntoCommons and leads domains Ontologies development and harmonization. 

Silvana Muscella, CEO and founder at Trust-IT Services

Silvana Muscella is founder and CEO of Trust-IT Services & co-founder & CEO of COMMpla srl, a SW development & digital services company. She is the Dissemination & Communications Manager for the Ontocommons.eu project. She supports efforts around ICT Standardisation due to her coordinating role in StandICT.eu and instrumental role in the roll-out of the EUOS - the European ICT Standards Observatory in 2021. She tackles high-level strategy building, business acquisition, coordination & strategic marketing and communication in ICT in standards, the blue economy, energy efficiency, cybersecurity & cloud computing.

Gerhard Goldbeck,  Founder and CEO at Goldbeck Consulting Ltd

As Director of a materials modelling and digitalisation consultancy (Goldbeck Consulting) and Executive Secretary of EMMC, Gerhard Goldbeck has a strong interest in interoperability and integration in the field of materials science. He was the Chair of a CEN Workshop Agreement on Materials Modelling metadata and documentation and is a co-author of the European Materials & Modelling Ontology (EMMO). In OntoCommons his roles include cooperation monitoring, materials domain ontologies and sustainability.

Yann Le Franc, CEO & Scientific director of e-Science Data Factory

Yann Le Franc is the CEO of e-Science Data Factory, a French R&D company focused on innovative data management solutions for scientific and industrial data based on semantic web and linked data technologies. Yann is spearheading the development of recommendations for making semantic artefacts FAIR (FAIRsFAIR project) and is the co-chairman of the RDA Vocabulary and Semantic Service Interest Group. In OntoCommons, Yann is involved in bridging OntoCommons with FAIR initiatives and EOSC, establishing a landscape analysis of domain specific semantic artefacts and contributes to the development of the Ontology Commons Ecosystems Toolkit.

Michela Magas, Chair of the Industry Commons Foundation 

Michela Magas is Innovation and Sustainability Manager for OntoCommons and Chair of the Industry Commons Foundation which is building a legacy for cross-domain collaboration and data interoperability. Michela has 27 years of experience of innovation for international clients. She is advisor to the EU, G7 and national governments, and was named European Woman Innovator of the Year 2017.