Metadata for OntoCommons ontology catalogue

This survey is oriented to people who are aware of any ontology that could be useful for materials, manufacturing  or related domains. 

Our final goal is to develop an ontology catalogue in order to provide the materials and manufacturing communities with the most suitable ontologies in this area. In addition the catalogue also contains general domain ontologies frequently used across domains.

The estimated time required to complete the questionnaire is of 10 minutes. Once the form about an ontology is submitted it will be manually assessed and automatically processed. After this, the ontology will be included in the future OntoCommons Catalogue. Please note that there is a manual component in the process, therefore the on-line catalogue will not be updated immediately after the submission.

The questionnaire does not include any personal question and the confidentiality of the answers will be preserved. We only ask for an email address just in case you want to obtain information about the results we produce. 

This questionnaire is being performed in the context of the OntoCommons HORIZON2020 project
If you have any question or comment about the questionnaire contact  ontocommons.registry[at]
The name given to the ontology.
The URI of the ontology.
A free-text account of the ontology.
The different domains covered by the ontology. If the ontology covers more than one domain, please separate them by commas. Example: manufacturing, material science, maintenance, AEC industry, marketing,...
The scope of the ontology in a particular domain e.g. predictive maintenance, stakeholder description, product nomenclature, sensor, building
The preferred namespace URI to use when using terms from this vocabulary.
The version of the ontology.
The date of formal issuance of the ontology.
Most recent date on which the ontology was changed, updated or modified.
The person(s) primarily responsible for making the ontology. Please include name and email address of the contact persons whenever possible. If there is more than one contact person, please separate them by commas.
The organization that published the ontology.
Ontology language
Use of top level ontologies ?
The license of the ontology. Example: CC BY-SA, MIT, etc.
The ISO 639-1 code(s) of the language(s) of the resource. If the ontology is implemented in more than one language, please separate them by commas. Example: es, en, (See for a full list of codes).
URLs for the documentation of the ontology (for example a website)
Resources that might provide additional information (documents, deliverables, papers, etc.).
Does the ontology follow one of the following established best practices or principles?
Please provide a short description of the methodology and knowledge sources used to develop the ontology as a comma separated list
If so, please indicate the project name and the website if possible.
Further information about the ontology that might be revelant.
Please let us know who you are by writing your email in the field below so that we know to whom to be thankful for the contribution. In addition we might occasionally contact you in case we need any further information about the ontology you submitted (In this case we will need your name and email adress).