Demonstrators Tutorial


The OntoCommons Demonstrators are a list of use cases that are used to prove the effectiveness of the OntoCommons Ontology Commons EcoSystem (OCES) and provide insights on the use of standardised ontologies to resolve issues with material sciences and manufacturing data documentation, data re-use and cross-domain interoperability.


In order to provide more hands-on experience that can help the Demonstrators to build their use cases and industrial, the OntoCommons team has scheduled a series of webinars that present the main outcomes from the project. 


The first session focused on "Domain Ontologies and their Alignment to Top Level Ontologies with Bridge Concepts"


Watch the recording


Download the slides

Introduction to OCES ontology stack for crossdomain interoperability (download the slides)

Bridge concepts for domain ontology alignment and data documentation (download the slides)

Bridge-Concepts: A multi-purpose tool (download the slides)