Ontologies, data management, and interoperability for digital marketplaces


On 24th November 2020, the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) organised a webinar about "Ontologies, data management and interoperability for digital marketplaces" online.

The webinar was moderated by Gabriele Mogni from Goldbeck Consulting Ltd, SME which provides business and technical consulting in materials modelling, informatics and digitalisation and OntoCommons partner.


During the virtual event, UKRI and SINTEF, another two OntoCommons project partners, explained the work they have conducted on ontology-based data management and interoperability in the materials modelling digital contexts.

The webinar provided detailed information about the importance of creating standardisation and interoperability in the semantic context.


Silvia Chiacchiera and Martin T. Horsch, computational scientists at UKRI and key players in developing the Virtual Materials Marketplace demonstrator at OntoCommons, showed the results of the research conducted in the ontology contexts so far.

Silvia, in particular, provided an introduction about ontologies, which are "representations of knowledge within a certain domain" and highlighted its importance as it allows to automatic reasoning and to the exchange of information across heterogeneous sources.

Martin Horsch continued the webinar presentation, providing real-case examples of Material Modelling Translation Ontology and Knowledge graphs developed in the VIMMP project.


Jesper Frijs and Treesa Joseph from SINTEF joined the event too, providing additional examples of ontology and semantic-driven systems coming from the Marketplace project. Treesa demonstrated a proof of concept on how applications registered within this project can be addressed through Marketplace APIs with ontology mappings. Jesper, on the other hand, provided additional highlights on the ontology-based apps.


The work shared during the EMMC presentation represents important assets which OntoCommons can include in its innovative EcoSystem.


The full presentation and the recording are available on the EMMC official website and on YouTube.


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