The MarketPlace introductory workshop


The Materials Modeling industry is confronted with the ever-increasing demand for quick development and market deployment of novel materials. This requires the constant development of novel modelling solutions, easy access to and knowledge of existing models, data, and software solutions, translation services and validation capabilities. Thus, an innovation hub that empowers industry with easy access to all data, tools and expertise needed for advanced, industry relevant materials modelling adoption is needed: The MarketPlace.

The MarketPlace project aims to become a central-hub for all these actors: A web-based collaboration platform that links all the different elements and enables the advancement of the European manufacturing industry. During this workshop the platform will be presented for the first time to a public audience.

This workshop organised by Fraunhofer will:

  • Present the MarketPlace platform and its functionality in detail;
  • Give a practical example on interacting in the MarketPlace platform;
  • Provide a chance to openly discuss with a panel of experts from the MarketPlace project;
  • Offer a view into the challenges, opportunities and future of the Marketplace platform.

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