knowledge graph alliance


The KGA is an alliance (KGA stands for Knowledge Graph Alliance) currently counting about 30 organisations between funding member and sister organisations, the majority of which were involved in OntoCommons. As a matter of fact, the KGA has been launched precisely the day after the final review of the OntoCommons project, and can considered as its lasting legacy.

The alliance acts as a bridge connecting existing and future efforts in Semantic Knowledge Graph (SKG) science and technology on the part of industry, research organizations, universities, and standardization bodies. The aim is to facilitate harmonization, benchmarking, and standardization;

This 19 March, the KGA will introduce six newly established working groups in an online webinar. The groups are set to revolutionise the integration of Semantic Knowledge Graphs (SKG) with the ever-evolving landscape of AI technologies.

This webinar is also a gateway to being actively involved in setting the direction for future AI and SKG advancements.

For more information visit the event webpage: