OntoCommons aims to provide industry with an ecosystem of tools and capabilities to utilise semantic technologies for enhanced data documentation and (re-)use. In addition to a range of tooling and ontologies, success and industrial benefit depends strongly on human resource development. A particular challenge in this complex field is dealing with the gaps between industrial end users, subject matter (domain) experts and data scientists/ontologists/knowledge engineers.

In order to address this gap, OntoCommons is elaborating a new role we call the Industry Commons Translator: a kind of coach with expertise spanning across ICT, analytical philosophy and science/engineering domains, able to bridge gaps in the stakeholder value chain and ensure that end users can reap the benefits of ontology-based data documentation. For reference, similar roles have been defined and elaborated in materials modelling (EMMC Translators Guide: and Translation in Materials Modelling – Process and Progress: and data analytics (see and

On 21 February 2022, a group of experts with highly relevant expertise invited by the project's consortium will gather online to take part in this effort and shape this new role with the OntoCommons team.

The selected experts will be expected to share the knowledge on existing training resources and uncover gaps. The OntoCommons beneficiaries will then work globally with RTD stakeholders to provide Translator training resources to make this role truly an Industry Commons.

The objectives of the meeting are:

  1.      To discuss the requirements for an Industry Commons Translator
    •         Describing the role of the Translator/Team of Translators;
    •         How can the Translator contribute to industry adopting ontologies into their day-to-day work?
    •         How can the Translator enable changes within an organisation to path the way for adopting ontologies?
  2.     To discuss the challenges of the role of the work of an industry commons translator in terms of existing tools, lack thereof, training, continuous professional development (CPD), the environment they will work in, who will they work with (report to, team up with), etc.

The event is a closed event by invitation only, nonetheless, we invite you to follow the development of the Industry Commons Translator by registering to our Newsletter or following our Twitter and LinkedIn channels, where we publish regular updates on the project.