European Industry is currently facing a growing number of challenges and today’s practices will not provide a sustainable solution. The two main trends of Green and Digital transformation require a strategic call for action for all individual companies, but more and more also between industries.
Europe needs to react and provide sufficient guidance on the European scale to maintain the competitivity of European industry and to highlight and promote a successful transformation, which could be further replicated across all industries and company sizes. Therefore, innovation at multiple levels is no longer voluntary; it is an obligation for us all.
IndTech2022 is an impetus towards improving visibility of industrial technologies, identifying policy options and priorities, sharing of information and comparison of points of views, as well as a space for networking and finding common goals among industry stakeholders.

Topics addressed:

  • Green and digital transition
  • Circularity and sustainability
  • AI for manufacturing
  • Human-centric technologies
  • Emerging breakthrough technologies
  • Youth in Science & Technology
  • …and many more

Some of the OntoCommons partners will be present in the exhibition organised by the Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative (, that recently collaborated with the European Commission and the European Technology Platforms EUMAT, SUSCHEM and MANUFUTURE, to the draft of the Materials 2030 Roadmap that will be discussed during this conference. Join us and meet OntoCommons and one of our demonstrator cases from TEKNIKER on characterisation of tribological experiments through semantic technologies (view poster).