call for posters ontocommons

During the 1st OntoCommons Global Workshop "Ontology Commons adressing challenges of the Industry 5.0 transition" participants can have the opportunity to submit a graphic poster that will be presented from 2 to 5 November, before and after every daily session. The topics that can be showcased during the event are:

  • Industry Commons Translator
  • Ontology Interoperability
  • Enabling intra-ontology interoperability through shared terminology
  • Ontologies Stratification
  • Establishing a Knowledge Exchange Space
  • User Experience on Ontology Engineering Tools
  • Ontology-based digital marketplaces for Industry Commons
  • Ontology Adoption
  • FAIR Technology Adoption in Demonstrators
  • Ontology Engineering in Material Science
  • OntoCommons Demonstrators
  • Ontologies in the Industrial Engineering domain
  • Innovative Use Cases for Innovative Ontology Applications
  • Domain Ontology for manufacturing and supply chain


Poster format and specifications: 

For the poster exhibition, we would like to encourage you to be as creative as possible. The format of the poster should be:

  • PDF
  • preferred dimensions: 2700x1920 pixels 


Deadline to submit the poster and results notifications

All the participants can upload the poster by  2 November 2021 at 23:59PM (CET).

We will notify all the applicants (both admitted and not) on the results by 3 November


In case of any questions, please contact us at info[at]ontocommons[dot]eu




Submit your poster and get the opportunity to present innovative results in the industrial and ontologies fields during the OntoCommons 1st Global Workshop!