Hermann Brand

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Full Name: Hermann Brand
Job title: European Standards Affairs Director, IEEE European Office
Organisation Name: IEEE
Country: AT

Short bio

Since 2017 Dr. Hermann Brand has been European Standards Affairs Director at the IEEE Technology Centre in Vienna. Between 2008 and 2017 he was general manager at ETSI, responsible for various institutional services, including new initiatives, partnership management, membership care, and meeting support. As one of the Directors of ETSI he was responsible for Innovation.
Hermann Brand has started his professional carrier as a software developer and system designer in telecommunications. He then worked as a researcher in the semiconductor business, investigating novel manufacturing processes and developing new microstructures. Back in telecommunications he managed several international R&D teams including a group of delegates to different standards developing organizations. While his employer evolved into a diversified IT service provider, Dr. Brand also engaged as technology manager, innovation manager and business developer.