• Use case description: OAS as a very agile company with a very strong position on the national and international market is more and more oriented towards product customisation and services around their products, i.e. building Product Service Systems (PSS). The main goal of the use case is to improve the automation of yard management starting with the setup/configuration of a site/yard.  Yard management, plant logistics, and dispatch automation covers the planning, organization, control, processing, and supervision of the entire flow of materials and goods.The use case will make use of semantic technologies to assist the decision-making process regarding the yard management, for example inferring the next action of a lorry in the yard given various logistics data and ontologies describing that data.

  • Use case goal: The demonstrator within OntoCommons aims at improving effectiveness and responsiveness of decision-making in logistics control systems based on data sharing built around big volume data streams semantically described by dedicated PSS ontologies